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Pathmark has been successfully serving health professionals since 1991.  Pathmark was designed to help the busy health provider find just the right person as an associate or locum.  Pathmark is also in the business of helping students or graduates finding that perfect placement or associate position.


Meet Our Current Team!

Cindy Matheson

Cynthia@pathmarkCindy Matheson will be managing and overseeing all the daily operations of Pathmark Locum Service. Cindy's passion for chiropractic and her experience managing and consulting in chiropractic offices for the past 25 years makes this new chosen path "PATHMARK" a natural fit. Cindy is also a licensed private investigator specializing in loss prevention and efficiency within chiropractic offices (she is the only consultant of this nature within our profession). Her experience and knowledge of this profession will bring great benefits to existing clients as well as future clients. Cindy's goal for Pathmark, is to bring the highest level of service with the greatest amount of simplicity and efficiency to each and every client. Cindy will continue Dr. Bovay's vision for Pathmark, by helping chiropractor's achieve a balanced lifestyle.


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Dr. David Matheson

DjMatheson@PathmarkDr. David Matheson has run a highly successful practice in Sarnia for the past 35 years. He has also been a member of the OCA & CCA executive boards, which has given him valuable insight into the challenges chiropractors face today in practice. Dr. Matheson brings invaluable knowledge and experience to the locums & associates of Pathmark with the opportunity for clinical training and consulting.


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