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The Interview


During the interview, we gather information about your techniques, philosophy and practice management style.  This information allows us to select the most suitable candidate for your practice - the more specific you can be, the better we can make the match!



 The Preliminary Phone Call


We contact you and briefly introduce the candidates that we have selected.  Additional information is available and if requested, we can provide you with each locum doctor’s resume and references.  Based on this phone call, suitable candidates - chosen by  you - are invited to meet you at your clinic.



The Meeting


This meeting serves two purposes.  The first, is for both doctors to take turns adjusting one another, and for you to indicate any necessary modifications that the locum doctor must adopt in order to mimic your technique as closely as possible.


The other purpose, is for you to demonstrate your overall management style, including your timing and manner with patients, and to bring forward any other particulars about your clinic that the locum needs to know.   We also provide you with a checklist of items to cover during the interview. 



The Match


Pathmark will contact you following the meeting for your feedback.  Once you have chosen your locum doctor, you must sign both copies of the contract and return one copy to Pathmark ASAP. 



Your Absence


During your absence, we keep in touch with your CHA to ensure that everything is running smoothly.  Prior to the locum, we provide a package that instructs your CHA on how to encourage patients and introduce the locum doctor, both of which help maintain your regular patient volume. Your staff’s feedback is our only accounting of the status on how the locum is progressing.  Their assistance and cooperation is vital in order to ensure the locum is a success.



Your Return


After giving you a few days to readjust to your chiropractic way of life and time to quiz your patients on their locum experience, Pathmark will call to get your comments on how the locum went.

The Payment


 Payment is due at the end of the locum, or every two weeks - depending on the length of your absence.  The amount due is based upon 55% of the daily billings, and if the locum is two weeks or less, we include a minimum daily payment. 


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 Maximize your time


Having a locum doctor allows you to maximize your time away, and because Pathmark does all the work, we save you the time of looking for and screening candidates.



Earn income - while you’re away


By having a locum doctor maintain your practice during your absence, your practice will continue to generate revenue.



Peace of mind


 Pathmark Locum Service, Inc. will provide you with a professional locum doctor, objectively matched to your practice requirements, including your philosophy, techniques and practice management style.  Since you make the final choice of doctor, you know your patients and your practice will be well-cared for while you’re away.



Competitive costs


Booking a locum through Pathmark costs the same as hiring an independent locum.  Plus you receive these benefits at no extra cost!!


* CHA Support - Weekly check ups with   your CHA to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

*  Security Through Advance Booking - Book your locum in advance, so that both you and will be prepared. 

*  Contracts - Pathmark prepares contracts to ensure complete protection and privacy for your  practice.


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Why not close my office instead of hiring a substitute chiropractor?

We believe you should never close your office. Here are some great reasons for leaving your office open:

·         Continue uninterrupted patient treatment schedules.

·         Continue to receive new patients and emergencies.

·         Continue to generate income while you're away.

Your patients will appreciate your commitment to their chiropractic health needs 


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Why should I hire PATHMARK versus another service or independent coverage chiropractic physician?


Our service  hires chiropractic physicians based on their actual adjusting competency., they must have several references from practicing D.C.'s who have personally been adjusted by him/her before we send him/her to your office. It is always your choice when you select to  hire  a new graduate we select  exceptional new graduate chiropractors, and we maintain a backup if illness or an emergency should arise with our substitute chiropractors. 



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Are your substitute doctors licensed, experienced and insured?

Yes! All of our chiropractic physicians are licensed, experienced and maintain their own malpractice insurance. We also do background checks for disciplinary actions, malpractice.



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What are your fees?

Our fee depends on several factors:


·         The length of temporary coverage

·         Your office hours

·         Your location


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Are there any extra charges?

In some cases there are accommodation fees and/or a fee per kilometer, if a local substitute chiropractor is not available.


 IF all parties agree, the substitute doctor may stay in the clients home on occasion. 



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If I have an emergency and need coverage, how much notice do you need?

You can call us 7 days a week. We can make arrangements for a chiropractic physician to be at your office within 24 hours or less, depending on your location and our chiropractor availability at the time. Although not necessary, we prefer 4-8 weeks notice to reserve prime convention, holiday and summer dates. This notice will also allow you to request a specific chiropractic physician who may have previously covered your practice, or allow time for a personal orientation with a different substitute chiropractor.



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Will I have a chance to meet the substitute chiropractic physician before he/she covers my practice?

In most instances, yes. When scheduling permits, the substitute chiropractic physician will meet with you prior to covering your practice. For contracts less than three days in duration, or short notice, a telephone consultation will be provided. There is no charge for the personal orientation, however, your contract must be signed and faxed to us first. Your deposit will not be due until after the initial phone consultation or personal orientation is satisfactory to you. If not, we will arrange a different locum doctor orientation.  



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Do you have a chiropractic physician that is familiar with the special technique that I use in my practice?

Yes! In most cases we have chiropractic physicians that are proficient in practically all of the techniques used.



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Who pays the substitute chiropractic physician?

As a client, you will be responsible for paying the substitute chiropractor. Do not worry we are here to guide you through the whole process. Once the locum has been completed we take care of calculating how much is owed to the substitute chiropractor.  



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Can you find me a permanent associate chiropractic physician?

Yes!  Please pursue our associate section on this website!

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