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                                           Pathmark’s Role in Your Future!

If you are interested in locums or associateships in Canada,

Pathmark can get you on the right path!


Locum Interview


The Interview

During the interview we gather information about your techniques, management style and philosophy.  This information allows us to select the most suitable locum assignments for you.





Locum Assignments


Locum Assignments

You are contacted regarding suitable assignments and informed about the practice.  If you wish to accept an assignment we then arrange for you to speak with the client chiropractor. The client then confirms with Pathmark if you are accepted for a locum assignment.

Telephone Support

Pathmark offers telephone support for the duration of the locum.  We receive feedback from the staff and are also available to you should you have any questions or concerns.


Locum telephone support







Locum Payments


When a locum assignment is for 2 weeks or less we negotiate a minimum on your behalf.  You are guaranteed a daily/weekly minimum or a percentage of the billings, which ever is higher.  Locum assignments that are longer than 2 weeks generally have no minimum; you will receive a percentage of the billings.


Collection of Fees

When the client returns to their practice they send a copy of the day sheets along with the payment to Pathmark.  Once the day sheets have been verified payment is sent out to you immediately.  For long term assignments a regular biweekly pay schedule is established



Locum Fees









Locum referral Exchange



When you refer a new client chiropractor to Pathmark who wishes to use you for a locum assignment you will receive an additional 5% of the billings for that assignment!




Locum Requirments



You must have a valid chiropractic license for the appropriate provinces along with your own malpractice insurance.  Pathmark also requires a minimum of 4 references.










Locum Contracts




Pathmark requires that you sign a contract.  This contract only binds you for a specific locum assignment allowing you to stop doing locums at any time.  The only non competition clause that you have with Pathmark is that once you have been introduced to a client all future agreements with that client must go through Pathmark.



  • Pathmark does all advertising and  promoting on your behalf

  • You have use of Pathmark’s contracts to ensure a guaranteed arrangement

  • You have telephone support over the course of the locum assignment

  • You have Pathmark collecting the fees on your behalf

  • Pathmark has a 90% success rate in matching locum chiropractors with practices

  • Pathmark is well known in Ontario for providing quality service since 1992

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