Screening candidates

  • Pathmark saves you the time-consuming task of looking for and screening many candidates.
  • We match you with professional locum doctors, objectively matched to your specific practice requirements, with emphasis on your philosophy, techniques, and practice management style.
  • Each locum member provides Pathmark with 3 written references.
  • Pathmark checks their license status and insurance status.
  • Pathmark only works with reliable locum doctors.


  • Pathmark provides the contract for the locum placement.
  • This saves you the time and cost of writing a contract.
  • This ensures the locum doctor provides the coverage in your absence and doesn’t cancel at the last minute.

Pathmark supervises your practice while your away.

  • We act as a resource for your CHA’s in your absence.


  • Pathmark calculates the invoices.

 Competitive costs

  • Booking a locum through Pathmark can costs the same as hiring an independent locum but you receive all the extra benefits we provide!