Practice for Sale in Markham, ON

Well established practice for over 46 years. Retains many patients from many years ago.  Has patients who travel from long distances, currently some from Vancouver Island, from Orillia and from Taiwan.

The practice is in an ideal location on Main Street in Markham.  It is located on a corner and has ample parking in the parking lot behind the building.  Markham is a very vibrant and growing community having recently attained city status.

This doctor would like to retire in the late summer of 2019 and would like a smooth transition of care for his patients.  He would like to sell the practice with all the office contents and have a transition in which the new doctor would come in as an associate with the roles gradually changing and the new doctor taking over while getting accustomed to the patients and the care that they have become accustomed to.

Although this doctor is open to most technique approaches, and uses techniques gleaned from many sources, he is a diplomate of Applied Kinesiology and uses many AK approaches to patient care.  If the new doctor is unfamiliar with those approaches, this doctor would be happy to assist and demonstrate the most effective approaches for the new doctor to add to his own favourite techniques.  This would most probably make for a smoother transition until the patients get more familiar with the new doctor.

The office has as contents:

2 computers – one with Dragon Professional voice activated dictation for SOAP notes
3 treatment rooms – each with a Zenith Verti lift table – each with cabinets with counter tops and wall cabinets with glass enclosed doors for multiple uses (massage and pain relief creams, tape, reflex hammers, etc.).  Each room also has cervical traction and a rolling stool for the doctor to sit on.
2 low level laser machines
2 percussor machines
Many filing cabinets
2 storage cabinets
Doctors office for patient consultations, dictation of SOAP notes, preparation of reports etc.  this has 2 office chairs (tilt back and rolling)
Waiting room with a receptionist area and wrap around desk, rolling tilt chair for the receptionist and multiple chairs for patient seating

The office has:

A washroom off the waiting room
A small kitchenette behind the reception area with a small refrigerator, microwave machine and safe.
A parking lot with ample parking for a good practice
A closet for patient coats
A closet for staff clothing