IMPROVE EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY Chiropractic care is more effective, more accepted and sought out than ever before. In the past eleven years at Pathmark, we have seen and spoken to hundreds of doctors improving the lives and health of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people across the country. But the truth is-the boom in our industry has created a need for more and more members on staff to help practices run smoothly and effectively. What that means is many doctors are often left searching for competent and dedicated CHA’s. Right now-there needs to be a way that chiropractors and their staff can get the help they need to take their practices to the next level. That’s why Pathmark has introduced a team of virtual chiropractic assistants. Pathmark’s Virtual Assistants can help your practice online by taking care of all billings even WSIB & MVA, collections, data entry, care calls, scheduling follow-up, emailing, patient surveys and much more. We can set up an individualized task list to fit your individual needs. Hiring and staffing extra hands can be quite taxing. Pathmark’s assistants are available 7 days per week, evenings if needed and can even help with other practice related services such as marketing, supply orders, and booking events. Pathmark has successfully run our digital assistant service at our own private practice for years-and now we are bringing that high quality level of service to you. We’re engaging with practices in Canada at affordable and cutting edge rates. Give yourself a new standard of productivity with Pathmark’s Virtual Assistant program.